Are they really your competition

The subject comes up often to why some investors are soooooo guarded. I find this an interesting topic as there is this psychological aspect of not sharing ideas with others. Why do investors and Realtors look at others as their competition? I find this VERY narrow minded, and say this from experience. There is a lot of business out there to be done, and an investor is only hurting themselves by not networking with others and learning from each other. A common respect for each other should be there and one should work with integrity and professionalism. This can be accomplished helping each other and respecting each other’s business. Yes, you will find people who do the same thing you do, but do you really want to pass up an opportunity to do business together? I could give example after example of investors and Realtors who felt they needed to “guard” what they know and not talk to or deal with others. How may I ask does this help you? It doesn’t. In the area I live, this is extremely common, and I just don’t get it. We can all add benefit to each other’s business. We can pass business on to each other or refer customers to each other. It is very important as an investor and Realtor to be open minded and able and willing to network with others to grow your business. Think about it!