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A whole NEW look and more to offer!

I am SOOOOO excited to introduce everyone to my NEWLY updated website.  After being hacked a couple years back, it sat dormant for some time, but we have finally worked out the bugs and rebuilt the entire site and we’re ready to go.  This site will offer information related to wholesaling and rehabbing investment real estate.  I have opened it up to include a membership that offers 24/7 question and answer forum, FREE forms, FREE workbook, one 1:1 call with me monthly, and one webinar monthly.   You won’t pay the HUGE prices the “guru’s” charge, as the membership is at an affordable rate.  You can learn to invest in real estate without spending thousands of dollars.   There are a few tweaks we need to make on the site, but the site also offers the ability to order a hard copy of my workbook or the ebook version.  It also has many suggested resources, and many more programs are to be added to the site giving you options to choose different investing niches. Please visit the mentor tab and send me your information if you are interested in affordable mentoring  in wholesale and rehab investing.  If you choose to sign up for the site membership that offers the above, please go to the SHOP tab and join for the LOW price of $19.95 a month.  I look forward, and am very excited to work with you.  Please LIKE my page.


New Investors are always asking what form should I use for this or that, so I will have free forms available soon. Please take not also, that my new book Flip-A-Fortune, Creating Wealth In Real Estate is loaded with forms, and my A LaCarte coaching menu also has available forms.


Although I have not been consistent with posts to this blog, I have discovered that any of the posts I made in the past YEAR did not even post to the blog. Not sure why, as I believe I “published” them each time. This is a test sentence to view activity.

My eBook is now available

I am pleased to announce my ebook, Flip-A-Fortune-Creating Wealth in Real Estate a Complete Instruction and Workbook is ready for purchase. Lots of info with a low introductory price. Click on the eStore for details. Please read and spread the word.

Investors kept April home sales afloat

Home sales in April were unchanged from March as investors remained in the game with the expectation that prices bottomed out, according to the latest RE/MAX National Housing Report.

Last month, investors made up 25 percent of the market, sparking speculation buyers anticipate higher interest rates and home values in the future. During the same period, inventory levels fell as home prices rose 2.2 percent from March—the third increase this year.
resource: Kerri Panchuck

Are they really your competition

The subject comes up often to why some investors are soooooo guarded. I find this an interesting topic as there is this psychological aspect of not sharing ideas with others. Why do investors and Realtors look at others as their competition? I find this VERY narrow minded, and say this from experience. There is a lot of business out there to be done, and an investor is only hurting themselves by not networking with others and learning from each other. A common respect for each other should be there and one should work with integrity and professionalism. This can be accomplished helping each other and respecting each other’s business. Yes, you will find people who do the same thing you do, but do you really want to pass up an opportunity to do business together? I could give example after example of investors and Realtors who felt they needed to “guard” what they know and not talk to or deal with others. How may I ask does this help you? It doesn’t. In the area I live, this is extremely common, and I just don’t get it. We can all add benefit to each other’s business. We can pass business on to each other or refer customers to each other. It is very important as an investor and Realtor to be open minded and able and willing to network with others to grow your business. Think about it!

Very cool site

Hey all, just got started on a VERY cool tool. Use this to connect all your social sites and blogs. Very cool