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Do your friends and family really understand what you do?

Many investors face skeptical family and friends who say ” you’re crazy to buy real estate with today’s market” Why do they say this? Is it because they don’t think you are capable, don’t think you know what you are doing, or are they worried about your choices? Well, 99% of the time, your family and friend have no idea what you are doing or understand what investing is all about. Society is so programmed to listen to what media is saying and they just take the media’s words and see that is reality. In fact, when media often is talking about the housing market, either they are referring to a specific market area which has nothing to do with where you live, or, they are generalizing a market condition that has to do with traditional retail real estate sales. As you know, investing is a completely different world, and one can make very good money in this venture. Word be warned though. It is not for everyone, and it takes time to learn investing and close on that first deal. Keep your heads up investors and do not let friends and family influence your belief in yourself to make success no matter what venture you pursue. Untill Later, Flip Girl Mary

Blogging for dummies?

I have to admit that when I started this blog I anticipated it being much easier to get on here every day to input content.  I plan to create more content for my viewers as an important part of learning and keeping up with what is going on in the real estate world.  Using social sites and blogs can be a very important aspect of one’s business, but there is a bit of a learning curve if you are not used to submitting messages.  A friend told me consider it like a journal.  While that is a great idea, I want to share helpful information with my viewers.  Watch for more content to keep coming your way.  Thanks for your participation.

More banks setting their own rules

The lastest new in the every changing housing industry is that Bank of America has decided to put deed restrictions for cash buyers of Bank of America REO’s.  If you buy a Bank of America REO with cash, you need to wait 60 days to resell it.  Do they think this helps the housing market?  Use transactional funding and have the deed and mortgage recorded and this will eliminate that problem.  If you need transactional funding for your investment deals, ask me about it.  Yes, you can buy homes with none of your own money.

Hello All and Welcome

Hello All–Thanks for visiting my website and blog. I just went live with my new website, blog, newsletter, and Facebook Fan Page. I will be blogging at least once a week and want your input. What do you want to hear about real estate. Real estate is an ever changing world, and can be difficult to keep up with. As an investor and Realtor, I am always searching for new ways to do things, and creative ways to work through things. This blog is intended to help those in the real estate industry or those interested in the real estate industry to ask questions, share information, ideas, and keep up with the changing world of real estate. I look forward to networking with everyone.