Do your friends and family really understand what you do?

Many investors face skeptical family and friends who say ” you’re crazy to buy real estate with today’s market” Why do they say this? Is it because they don’t think you are capable, don’t think you know what you are doing, or are they worried about your choices? Well, 99% of the time, your family and friend have no idea what you are doing or understand what investing is all about. Society is so programmed to listen to what media is saying and they just take the media’s words and see that is reality. In fact, when media often is talking about the housing market, either they are referring to a specific market area which has nothing to do with where you live, or, they are generalizing a market condition that has to do with traditional retail real estate sales. As you know, investing is a completely different world, and one can make very good money in this venture. Word be warned though. It is not for everyone, and it takes time to learn investing and close on that first deal. Keep your heads up investors and do not let friends and family influence your belief in yourself to make success no matter what venture you pursue. Untill Later, Flip Girl Mary