Have you had an interest in learning the business of real estate investing, but you don’t know where to start? I mentor students in Northeastern and Northwestern Wisconsin, providing local help and 1:1 attention.

Being in the real estate industry since 2002, I have built a team of professionals that I can rely on to get the real estate deal done. Not only will you have options to choose from in your program, but I will share my contacts and resources with you.

I am looking only for students who are serious about investing and have drive, ambition, push through the negative and don’t give up. If you have a positive abundant mentality, you can achieve anything. I operate my business with integrity and ethical standards and expect my students to do the same. There is a screening process and an application involved to participate in the mentor program. This process helps determine if the program is right for you, and if you meet the criteria for the program. This is not for everyone, and I want to make sure I don’t waste your time or mine and get the appropriate candidates in the program.

There are several mentor options available to cater to every investor level. You will have the options of purchasing products a la carte or as a program in whole. Please complete the information below and we will contact you to discuss the appropriate program that suits your needs

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